Last Update : June.16.2015

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June 2015

The map and sequence of our expression vectors have been posted. Please see following link.

June 2015

Dr. Takeda, et al., in Ehime University has published a paper entitled "Production of monoclonal antibodies against GPCR using cell-free synthesized GPCR antigen and biotinylated liposome-based interaction assay" in Scientific Reports. In this study, our protein expression system was used to make proteoliposome. You can download the paper from here.

Mar 2015

We released dialysis method for large scale protein production. Please download the protocol from here.

Jan 2015

We launched ProteoLiposome Expression Kit for membrane protein expression with liposome. The kit contains lyophilized liposomes prepared from soybean asolectin for easy reaction setup as well as enough reagents for 6 reactions of 4 ml reaction scale. Please see here for detail.

July 2014

We added more information and example data on the use of our Premium PLUS Expression Kit for MS to our homepage. Find out more at [Premium PLUS Expression Kit for MS] on our dedicated product for the preparation of labeled proteins for MS experiments.

Mar 2014

On Wednesday February 12, Dr. Hwa-Liang Chiou, the Representative of Japan Office, Ms. Tsai and Ms. Cheng of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, R.O.C. visited our headquarter in Matsuyama. In the meeting, President Ozawa presented Wheat Cell-Free Technologies and discussed with Dr. Chiou regarding the future collaboration between CFS and ITRI.

Feb 2014

CellFree Sciences' Seminar "Robust Tool for Protein Research : Wheat Germ Cell-Free Protein Expression System" will be held in Singapore in 28th February 2014 from10:30 AM to 12:00 AM at National University of Singapore.

Jan 2014

Global Health Innovative Technology Fund (GHIT) funds joint Malaria Vaccine Research Project of the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, Ehime University and CellFree Sciences. Click here for details.

Aug 2013

CellFree Sciences will be at the 12th HUPO World Conference held from September 14th to 18th, 2013, at the Pacifico Yokohama at Yokohama, Japan.
Find more information about the 12th HUPO World Conference at:

Please visit us at Booth Number 26 from September 14th to 17th, 2013.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our booth and to provide you with more information on the use of our protein expression products and services including genome-wide protein expression studies, expression of membrane proteins, and protein mass spectrometry.

July 2013

CellFree Sciences will be at the International Conference on Structural Genomics 2013 - Structural Life Science - (ICSG2013-SLS) held from July 29th to August 1st, 2013, at Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Please find more information on the program of the conference at:
We are looking forward to welcome you to our booth and to provide you with more information on our products and services.

July 2013

MSDS information of our products has been posted. Please see following page.