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Supporting COVID-19 Research

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The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic united the research community in their efforts to develop diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines for the new disease working for the benefits of the people in need and to stop the spread of the virus. This led to many clinical studies to better understand the biology of the virus and its impact on human health. Here in Japan, scientists used the wheat germ cell-free protein expression system from CellFree Sciences to rapidly prepare representative fragments from several COVID-19 proteins to do antibody development and to conduct serological tests. These studies build on previous experience using proteins made in the wheat germ system for the development of serological markers.


Reagents for Rapid Protein Expression

Use our WEPRO7240 Core Kit for rapid protein expression in the wheat germ system. The kit provides all necessary reagents to conduct linked cell-free protein expression experiments on different reaction scales. Sufficient reagents are provided to test protein expression first before scaling up production of selected protein targets. The Core Kit is also available in a dedicated WEPRO7240H version for preparing proteins having a His-tag.

*Note, the WEPRO7240 Core Kit does not contain any expression vector for the wheat germ system. Our vector set can be purchased separately from here.


WEPRO7240 Core Kit
WEPRO7240 Core Kit

Rapid protein expression in the wheat germ cell-free system

WEPRO7240H Core Kit

WEPRO7240H Core Kit

Dedicated for preparing proteins having a His-tag


Protein Expression Services

Contact us for more information on services to establish protein expression of your target proteins in our cell-free system for the support of R&D projects and assay development.

*Note, restrictions may apply in Japan for working on COVID-19 in Japan.



Contact us for more information using this contact formor directly by writing to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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