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Human Protein Beads Array


Our human protein bead arrays, which carry proteins synthesized from up to 80% of all human genes, have a variety of features. We will provide protein interaction analysis services with various modalities and other molecules using various human protein bead arrays. At present, we have a human 23K protein bead array that contains 23,000 human proteins on 36 1536 well plates for genome-wide comprehensive analysis, a categorized array from the clone library by protein type, and a protein kinase, E 3 ligase, DNA binding protein, and deubiquitinating enzyme.

Features of the Human Protein Bead Array

Human clone library of about 23,000 species

Based on one of the world's largest human clone libraries (JBiC Clone) covering about 20,000 human genes produced by NEDO's FLJ-PJ: full-length human cDNA sequencing project (1996-2006), the array has been further developed by In addition, the number of clones has been expanded to about 23,000 with the cooperation of Ehime University and Kazusa DNA Research Institute (Kazusa Clone). The human 23K protein bead array contains all the proteins of all the clones.Translated with (free version)

Protein preparation using clone library produced by NEDO project in Japan


About23,000 = coverd more than 80% of total human genes

Protein non-denaturing immobilization

Proteins on the 23K Human Protein Bead Array are immobilized on magnetic plates by binding to magnetic beads. These proteins are held in solution from synthesis to protein arraying and evaluation testing, making it possible to assay for proteins in a non-denaturing state.

From array production to interaction assays, proteins are always held in solution


                                    【Design Pat. JP15,04,730. JP1,504,916】

Wheat Germ CellFree Protein Expression system

The proteins currently on board are synthesized using our wheat germ cell-free synthesis system, which is superior to other expression systems in terms of synthesis success rate and solubilization rate.


Excellent protein synthesis method for batch preparation of multiple types of proteins


Approximately 23,000 types of human proteins can be prepared in a very short period of time (1 week)

Quality of Human Protein Bead Array

Protein loading frequency distribution

80% of the proteins loaded on the array fall within the range of 10-fold molar ratio.

pa2vtech array test

Amount of proteins

Protein arrays from the production lots that were confirmed to carry proteins using anti-FLAG antibody are used.

pa2vtech array2 test4

Types of human protein bead arrays

We are currently preparing arrays for genome-wide analysis, protein type-specific analysis, and transduction studies to meet a variety of requests.

Human 23K Protein Bead Array

The Human 23K Protein Bead Array is a bead array containing 23,000 human proteins, equivalent to about 80% of all human-derived proteins. The array consists of 36 plates with one protein per well of 1536 well plate.We can provide a list of all the proteins loaded on the array, so please contact us if you need it.

Category Array

This is an array of proteins selected from a human clone library of about 23,000 species by protein category. We have started to provide the interaction analysis service by using the category array which contains E3 ligase (458 kinds), kinase (457 kinds), and DNA binding protein (1,314 kinds).Please contact us if you need the list of proteins in each category array.

Diversity Array

This array contains 118 human proteins carefully selected from categories such as protein kinases, E3 ligases, DNA-binding proteins, and deubiquitinating enzymes, using expression resources jointly created by Ehime University and Kazusa DNA Research Institute based on genes owned by Kazusa DNA Research Institute. Our protein bead array has 118 human proteins. It can be used as an introduction study for protein-protein interaction analysis using our protein bead array.Translated with (free version)

List of proteins on the diversity array

A total of 118 proteins prepared from the clones in the following list are loaded


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