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Protein Interaction Assay


Protein-Protein Interaction assay by human protein beads array

Comprehensive protein-protein interaction analysis using proximity-dependent molecular labeling technology

Proximity-dependent molecular labeling technology is a sequence-independent technique that labels all proteins in close proximity with covalent molecules. We have achieved comprehensive protein-protein interaction analysis by using AirID, a proximity-dependent biotin-labeling enzyme, in combination with protein bead arrays.


Scheme for identification of interacting proteins by proximity-dependent biotin labeling using AirID


CF-PPiD technology based on cell-free protein array and proximity biotinylation enzyme for in vitro direct interactome analysis Scientific Reports volume 12, Article number: 10592 (2022)

Protein-Protein Interaction Assay Service

Protein-Protein InteractionAssay Service with 23K Human Protein Arrays

Protein-protein interaction analysis is performed using 36 protein arrays (23,000 different human proteins are loaded), each well containing one human protein and one protein of interest fused with AirID.


Protein-protein interaction analysis using human 23K protein bead arrays and proximity-dependent biotin labeling technology

Analysis Example


Protein-Protein Interaction Assay Service by Category Array

Protein arrays (1-2 per well) containing one AirID fused protein and one protein category per well are used to perform the test.


Protein-protein interaction assay service using Diversity Arrays

Testing is performed using protein bead arrays containing one AirID-fused protein of interest and one of each of 118 human proteins per well.


Examples of Diversity Array Assay

Protein-protein interaction assay using proximity-dependent biotin labeling technology in diversity arrays

Proximity-dependent biotinyltransferase (AirID 1)) fusion TP53 or NF-κB inhibitor IκBα was used to detect protein-protein interactions by diversity array.





AirID, a novel proximity biotinylation enzyme, for analysis of protein-protein interactions.Kido K. et al.: Elife. 2020 May 11;9:e54983.
PMID: 32391793, PMCID: PMC7302878

Flow of Use


Service-related Information

All proteins made using our custom services are for research purpose only; not for use in diagnostic testing and use in human.

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