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Can be used to synthesize all types of proteins

Wheat Germ Extract WEPRO7240

コムギ胚芽抽出液 WEPRO7240シリーズ


High Peformance Wheat Germ Extract that has been contained an abundance of the translation factors that are required for protein synthesis.



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1 mL

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Storage Condition

 -80 ℃


*Our products are shipped on dry ice. Wheat germ extracts are temperature sensitive and must always be kept frozen. Store at -80°C right upon arrival and only thaw reagents when needed. Avoid repeated freeze/thawing cycles. Prepare aliquots of the wheat germ extract on first use if you want to keep making more expression experiments later. Do not freeze/thaw the wheat germ extract more than three times.

Product-related Information

All our products are for research purpose only; not for use in diagnostic testing and use in human.

Contact us for more information and help on the use of our products.



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WEPRO7240 Core Kit

WEPRO7240 Core Kit

Perfectly suited for both small-scale synthesis of multiple samples, or large scale production of a specific protein.

Premium ONE Expression Kit 1
Premium ONE Expression Kit

Recommended for first-time users and people who want to confirm the expression of target proteins right away.



Exhibits a higher level of GST-tagged fusion protein purity compared to WEPRO7240.


Exhibits a higher level of His-tagged fusion protein purity compared to WEPRO7240.

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