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Can be used to synthesize all types of proteins

Protein Research Kit S16

Recommended to confirm the expression of target proteins and synthesize protein on a small scale

Protein Reseach Kit S3

Protein Research Kit S16

Perfectly suited for easily small-scale synthesis of multiple samples.



  • No need to prepare reagents

  • Reagents necessary for each reaction are already pre-packaged in tubes

  • Synthesize proteins with just a few pipetting steps

  • Target proteins can be confirmed through SDS-PAGE/CBB staining
  • Contains enough for 16 reactions on a 226 µl reaction scale

Recommended for:

  • Users who want to confirm the expression of target proteins easily using wheat germ cell-free expression system.

  • Users who want to synthesize multiple protein on a small scale.

  • Users who want to perform interaction analysis.


The reagents necessary for each reaction are pre-packaged into tubes, so there is no need to prepare any reagents.

Simply cut off the number of tubes per reaction you need, and you are ready to go.


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Flow of operations

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Performs purification and determines expression, solubility, activity, etc. of the target protein according to the customer’s needs.



Product Number

Product Name



Protein Research Kit S16

1 set

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Product Composition

Reagent Name






10 µL




206 µL


Transcription Premix LM*2


18 µL


Aluminum seal



Storage Condition

 -80 ℃


*1 : WEPRO9240 is based on WEPRO7240, with the addition of Creatine Kinase.

*2 :Transcription Premix LM is based on Transcription Buffer LM, with the addition of NTP Mix, SP6 RNA Polymerase and RNase Inhibitor.

Product-related Information

All our products are for research purpose only; not for use in diagnostic testing and use in human.

Contact us for more information and help on the use of our products.



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