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Can be used to synthesize stable isotope15labeled proteins

GST-tagged Protein Recommendation

Protein Expression Kit

WEPRO8240G (15N) Core Kit

WEPRO8240G 15N Core kit 2

WEPRO8240G (15N) Core Kit

Comes as a set with reagents necessary for stable isotope labeled protein synthesis.

The translation buffer contains stable isotope 15N labeled amino acids.

There is no need for customers to prepare an amino acid solution.

Improved removal performance against GST-like proteins composed of wheat germ.

Exhibits a higher level of GST-tagged fusion protein purity compared to WEPRO8240G (15N) Core Kit.



  • Synthesizes as stable isotope 15N labeled protein with over 99% efficiency.

  • There is no need for customers to prepare an amino acid solution.
  • Can be used for 4 reactions on 6ml reaction scale, 20 reactions on 1.2 ml reaction scale and 96 reactions on 226μl reaction scale.
  • Target proteins can be confirmed through SDS-PAGE/CBB staining.

Recommended for:

  • Users who require yields of stable isotopes 15N labeled protein ranging from a few hundred micrograms to several miligrams.

  • Users who want to perform analysis of Heteronuclear single-quantum correlation spectroscopy (HSQC) spectrum.


Flow of operations

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Performs purification and determines expression, solubility, activity, etc. of the target protein according to the customer’s needs.



Product Number

Product Name



WEPRO8240G (15N) Core Kit

1 set

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Product Composition

Reagent Name





240 OD

1 mL


SUB-AMIX SGC (15N)  S1* 40x 600 µL 1
SUB-AMIX SGC (15N)  S2* 40x 600 µL 1
SUB-AMIX SGC (15N)  S3* 40x 600 µL 1
SUB-AMIX SGC (15N)  S4* 40x 600 µL 1

Creatine Kinase

20 mg/mL

20 µL


25 mM

120 µL


5×Transcription Buffer LM


240 µL


RNase Inhibitor

80K unit/mL

15 µL


SP6 RNA Polymerase

80K unit/mL 15 µL 1
Storage Condition

 -80 ℃


*SUB-AMIX SGC(15N)S1-S4 each vary in their composition.

 When producing a 1x concentration, adjust by adding the same quantity of each.

Product-related Information

All our products are for research purpose only; not for use in diagnostic testing and use in human.

Contact us for more information and help on the use of our products.



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WEPRO8240 15N Core kit
WEPRO8240 (15N) Core Kit

Standard type perfectly suited for synthesizes as stable isotope 15N labeled protein.

WEPRO8240H 15N Core kit

WEPRO8240H (15N) Core Kit

Exhibits a higher level of His-tagged fusion protein purity compared to WEPRO8240 (15N) Core Kit.

WEPRO8240G 13C15N Core kit
WEPRO8240G (13C, 15N) Core Kit

The translation buffer contains stable isotope 13C and 15N labeled amino acids.

Recommended for users who want to perform structure analysis using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

WEPRO8240G Core Kit
WEPRO8240G Core Kit

The customer can prepare and adjust amino acids themselves.

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